This blog documents my practice-led PhD research project at the Northern Centre of Photography, University of Sunderland, in partnership with Kielder Observatory (KOAS), a public-outreach astronomical organisation in Northumberland, UK. This project is in the field of fine-art photography, concerned with astronomy, exploring the situatedness of the ‘dark sky experience’ in Northern England: using the still and moving image as a method to combine perspectives of observer and the environment at Kielder. Revisiting Donna Haraway’s theory of Situated Knowledges within the context of photography, the work is seeking new, conscious visualisations of astronomy.

Key to the work is testing the process of encounter. This involves a new art-science partnership, and through an evaluation of photographic display in different contexts, including art gallery, museum, site-specific at KOAS and online. The fusing of these new visual encounters aims to create a case study for how creativity can expand dialogue with audiences at dark-sky organisations.